"These are great, my plectrum of choice!" - John O'Suilleabhain

Duoplec is a new design of guitar pick. It was designed by guitarists for guitarists.

Play Hard.....Each  pick has one heavy face which when used gives great attack and timbre  to your guitar work. Excellent for racking out your favourite lick or  piece of lead.

Stum Soft.....A  quick spin in the fingers will present a lighter face to the strings,  giving a brighter and more mellow sound.....  Strummed chords will  really ring.

We know it looks kinda big, but you'll be amazed how good it feels in the fingers and how easy it is to use.You'll master Duoplec in minutes and will soon be able to change faces between notes. 

australian_made_001.pngMADE IN AUSTRALIA of the best grade nylon available ensuring a very long, if not infinite life. The only time you'll have to buy another Duoplec is if you lose it (or if your mate pinches it!!!)